How Lesson Preparation Shapes Your Child's Classroom Experience


At the heart of schooling and education is the student — your child. 

This is why, at The Learning Lab, we aspire to teach from a place of care. In addition to helping your child score well in tests and exams, we also want for him or her to grow up as an inquisitive individual and be ready for life. 

In this new series — Insights From Our TLL Teachers, we sit down with some of our teachers to find out more about just what makes the student experience at The Learning Lab unique and enriching. 

The Power Of Lesson Planning 

The impact of LESSON PREPARATION and planning on student learning is tremendous. This is why preparation and planning are critical components of effective teaching. Teachers often choose various methods of delivery to make their lessons more dynamic — that means your child is engaged and happy.

We sit down with Miss Aik, English Teacher at The Learning Lab, as she shares about how TLL teachers are always ready with  comprehensive and relevant lesson plans and ideas.

Meeting Student Needs

At The Learning Lab, our teachers incorporate experiments, discussions, brainstorming sessions, multimedia and projects into their lessons. Why? It helps them to cater to the different learning styles in class while offering equal opportunities to all students.

Understanding A Student’s Perspective Leads

Once teachers receive the teachers' notes, they take some time reading through them and attempting each question. This helps teachers to see where students may face difficulties. As they go through the material, teachers try to think about what discussion points we can guide students through — what stories to tell / interesting facts about the world to bring up and generally, how to make the lesson as interesting as possible for students.

Catering To Different Class Dynamics

It is extremely important to plan for changes to a lesson plan because, as a teacher, stepping into the classroom prepared gives students confidence in their teacher and in what they are going to learn. It is important for teachers to prepare for different scenarios so that there is always a plan A, B or C to cater to the varied needs of different classes.


Empowering Students To Take Ownership of Learning

As teachers make every effort to ensure classes are engaging and effective, students feel more willing to put in effort as well. The Learning Lab’s materials, comprehensive teachers’ notes and amazing colleagues who are always willing to share their great ideas about how to manage each new week's work all add up to give our students the learning experience they deserve.

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When students are having fun, it makes a huge, positive difference in their learning journey. Your child deserves the best academic and learning support which includes teachers who see the best in your child.

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*Content for this article was crafted based on an interview with Miss Aik