The Learning Lab Student Experience

Welcome to your learning journey.

An enriching learning experience begins on the very first day you walk through our doors.

It starts with a warm welcome to an environment that is as nurturing as it is safe. This is your harbour, where you are free to ask questions, make new discoveries, and continually redefine the boundaries of your learning.

The learning journey is in your hands.

In class, your teacher is a mentor, guide and facilitator — a navigator, travelling with you through new academic landscapes; a trainer, coaching you to acquire skills that make your learning journey fun and meaningful; an architect, designing an environment that gives you the freedom to learn, be captivated and grow to love the subject.

Your classmates are your collaborators, helping you to expand your academic horizons. As you learn from each other’s questions and answers, your teachers broaden your knowledge and perspectives by engaging the class in discussions or group work.

In each lesson, you will learn the TLL art of ink-trailing: analysing questions, sourcing for answers and penning crucial notes on your worksheets. These ink-trails help you to think about your learning — how you master content and apply skills.

Your lesson materials are crafted by a team who are specialists in curriculum development, and passionate about the subjects they develop content for. Whether it is a Science Free Response Question (FRQ), an English Cloze Passage or a Math Word Problem, each worksheet is devotedly designed to relate directly to your school needs, helping you develop the necessary subject-specific skills to excel.


At any given moment, anything you learn is relevant to you.

We believe that context is crucial to learning in a meaningful way. By being able to relate the things you learn within the classroom to the people, places, things and events around you, you will be able to retain knowledge more readily.

As a TLL student, you will find yourself thinking about learning from a different angle. Knowledge goes beyond being the words you read on a page — it’s alive, both in your TLL classroom and in the world you live in.

On the road to finding academic success.

As you prepare for yearly exams or major examinations, we’ve got your revision covered.

After all, you’ve been organising all your notes from the entire term in your TLL Learning Journal. Reading through it will help you revise quickly and efficiently.

In class, you’ve got more tools on hand — practice papers, error analysis exercises and topical or component revision notes familiarise you with an examination environment. Knowing that your teacher and friends are there to help you, these low-risk, low-stakes modes of assessment in class will let you grow more confident in mastering concepts and exams.

Your goals, your learning.

Be empowered to plan and achieve your goals for school and for life.

Learn how to map out practical, achievable steps to realise your dreams. Whether it’s about minimising errors in grammar or acing algebra, you’ll be guided to conquer one challenge after another to reach your goals. As you monitor your own progress, you’re aware about where you’re heading and how you’re going to get there.

With teachers guiding you to think about the process behind solving each question, or articulating your thoughts, whether on paper or in person — you can make good progress, one sure step at a time.

At The Learning Lab, you learn to reflect not only on what you are learning, but also how you are learning, so that you stay firmly focused on the road to continued success.

Your learning, your way — Define your brand of success

Here’s a snapshot of your TLL student experience: a happy learner, growing in academic strength and character through pivotal learning moments with peers and teachers.

You don’t just excel in school; you also speak with confidence, think critically and act responsibly, taking ownership of your learning journey with pride.

You’re ready — for school and for life.

No matter what your interest is, you’ll find something you’ll love to learn more about at TLL (even during the holidays).

You have the permission to dream, to think, and to achieve — all you have to do is keep trying, keep planning for progress and keep taking steady steps towards your goals.

That’s what learning is really about.