The Learning Lab Experience

The Learning Lab is Singapore’s leading national provider of academic enrichment and tuition programmes. We write, develop and offer in-house curriculum and programmes in English, Maths, Science and Chinese for students at the preschool, primary, secondary and pre-tertiary levels.

Since our founding in 2001, we have established a reputation among parents, students and educators for consistently producing Singapore’s top students at the PSLE. Our alumni have been admitted into NUS, NTU, SMU, Stanford, Harvard, Princeton and Yale in the US, and Oxford. Several have garnered prestigious private and public sector scholarships, including half a dozen being awarded the Singapore Public Service Commission’s President’s Scholarship.

Our distinctive and highly regarded brand of education is designed to ensure both academic excellence and world-readiness.


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The Learning Lab is a perfect embodiment of how great companies are built on great products. Throughout the 8 years that my three children have been taking lessons at The Learning Lab, the teachers and staff have consistently delivered an excellent educational experience for them.

My eldest son, Arif, always looked forward to attending his classes! As a GEP student, he thoroughly relished how lessons are enriched with current affairs, famous personalities and interesting case studies. In his own words, “The lessons come alive”. It also helped that his teachers displayed tremendous dedication and extramural excellence, which fuelled his passion for learning. His time at The Learning Lab definitely stretched him well beyond his years, which was well reflected when he emerged as the 2nd highest PSLE scorer nationwide in 2011.

I will continue to entrust their education to TLL, as it has continually equipped my children with the tools and motivation to go further in life and succeed in their future undertakings.


Mdm Mazlita, Parent of P3 & P6 & S4 Students, Enrolled In English, Math and Science

Recalling the lessons I’ve had in Paris 1 or New York 5, the most valuable one I gained was the sense that the world is my oyster. It is not just the names of the classrooms or the impeccable decor that encourage this sense.

I took English from P4 to S4, and the fondest moments have been those where my teachers and I discussed the many happenings outside of the classroom. Be it my teacher’s fondness for architectural marvels across the world as a window shedding light on the ebbs and flows of the global economy, or her entertaining stories of her childhood encouraging reflection on our own educations, I have learnt much more than just English itself.

I am privileged to feel like I can now feel the pulse of this vast world, becoming an active participant in it, and in large part I have because TLL encouraged me to find this world beyond the classroom.

Gloria Chua

Gloria Chua, TLL student from 2004 -2010

I am deeply impressed by the passion and enthusiasm demonstrated by the Chinese Lab teachers. They are patient and professional, and have inspired my child to enjoy learning Chinese.  His composition scores have improved from 8/15 (SA1) to 12/15 (SA2), which is a tremendous feat given a short time frame. Additionally, his score for Higher Chinese in SA2 has improved to 90.5.  Chinese Lab has well surpassed my expectations.

Mrs Lim

Mrs Lim, Parent of P4 student, Enrolled in Chinese and Math