How Effective Communication Boosts Your Child's Learning Experience


Communication is an essential part of your child's education; it builds connections. As your child progresses from one level to the next, effective partnerships between you and your child's teacher(s) become even more crucial to meeting your child's learning needs. 

In this second article from our latest series, Insights From Our TLL Teachers, we sit down with Ms Lim, English Teacher at The Learning Lab, to find out how effective communication plays an important role in creating a positive learning experience in the classroom.

We will be looking at communication in the following forms: 

1. Teacher-Student Communication
2. Teacher-Parent Communication

Communicating With Your Child In Class

Clear communication is especially vital when teachers introduce new topics to students. At The Learning Lab, our teachers are able to break down complex concepts into palatable and easy-to-understand statements to help your child understand, absorb and retain knowledge.


More importantly, teachers aim to facilitate comfortable communication in class. Your child should feel confident articulating his or her opinions on what has been taught. 

“I encourage a culture of mutual respect — respect for one another’s opinions and beliefs as well as respect for one another in our interactions in class. When students feel their opinions will not be slighted and that they are respected as individuals, they are more willing to share their opinions and ideas. I also encourage them to raise questions and clarify whenever they are in doubt," says Ms Lim.

Establishing An Effective Partnership With You 

Your child spends a considerable amount of time  with his or her teacher(s) in school. Hence, establishing an open communication channel between you and your child's teacher(s) is important in helping you better understand your child's learning needs. 

As a parent, you want information about how and what your child is learning in class. Being aware of your child's performance can help you make more informed decisions on how to best support his or her learning at home. 

At the same time, it is also essential for you to update your child's teachers on how your child is doing at home, especially if there are any important changes that may affect him or her at school. For example, if you know what your child’s learning style is, it would be a good idea to let his or her teacher know what kind of approaches help your child learn best. 


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