Not All Heroes Wear Capes – Teachers Wear (Many) Hats


We have all heard the saying “Great teachers teach us lessons that last a lifetime.” – but how exactly do teachers do this? This Teachers’ Day, we celebrate great teachers and the four hats they wear to create a lasting impact on students’ lives.


1. Cheerleader


Great teachers champion their students. Whether it was Ms Jaya who would smile and nod as you tried to calm your nerves before a presentation or Mr Goh who stayed back with you to review Maths questions – great teachers believe in their students and communicate effectively with them. In turn, students become inspired and confident enough to push beyond their comfort zone.




2. Counsellor


Great teachers seek to understand and connect with students on a personal level. When a student struggles, they check in with them to ensure students have the necessary support and guidance. Beyond that, they do not make assumptions about a student’s ability. Instead, they establish a strong rapport with students to motivate and influence them positively in a heartfelt manner.



3.  Facilitator


Great teachers encourage an open and trusting learning environment. By removing the stigma associated with failure in the classroom, great teachers encourage students to think outside the box and take risks. This builds a climate of trust by creating a safe space where mistakes are celebrated as opportunities for learning and where students have more autonomy in their own learning journey. 



4. Student


The best teachers are equally great learners. Always inquisitive and on the hunt for something new to learn, great teachers fervently seek out better ways to inspire and encourage students to grow and develop. They model behaviours like curiosity and a thirst to constantly improve themselves, exposing students to the mindset, self-management skills and meta-skills of a successful learner.




Sparking Greatness in Every Student


Teaching is undoubtedly more than just conveying lessons from a textbook. It’s about a connection between teachers and students, and the shared values developed that impact lives beyond the classroom.

At The Learning Lab, teachers are the backbone of what we do. Our dedicated team is always ready to share and inspire greatness in your child that will last a lifetime. Speak with us to learn more about our teachers and how they can support your child on his or her learning journey.

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