Programme Highlights

The secondary and junior college coding programmes are specially designed with Coding Lab's proprietary award-winning, MIT-Inspired curriculum to build foundations for children to grasp new programming language  with real-world content.



P205 Python Junior 1 



Course Outline

Introduction to Python

  • Learn to install, setup and run Python
  • Introduction to the various data types (Eg. Strings, Float, Integers)

Various Data Types

  • Learn and apply numerical data and Mathematics operators
  • Calculate the area of a Square/Triangle/Circle
  • Develop a BMI Calculator
  • Learn String (text) data and String manipulation

Making Decisions with Conditional Operators

  • Syntax of if, if-then-else, if and e lif
  • Develop your own “Baymax” – Your Personal Healthcare Companion

Please note that this programme has to be taken together with P206 Python Junior 2.

P206 Python Junior 2



Course Outline

Logical operators and Truth tables

  • Learning and Applying logical operators (And, Or, Not)
  • Develop a Movie-Age Checker

While Loops

  • Using while loops
  • Applying while loops to Mathematics (Eg. Prime numbers, Lowest Common Multiple)
  • Problem-sum solving with Guess and Check

Using Modules and Libraries

  • Random numbers

Hackathon and Challenges

  • Timed Challenges for students to stretch their abilities



P205 Python Junior 1 &
P206 Python Junior 2

United Square

Every Thursday 

(P205) 6 July  to 3 August

(P206) 10 August to 7 September 

5.00pm to 7.00pm
Seletar Mall

Every Friday 

(P205) 7 July to 4 August

      (P206) 11 August to 8 September 

5.00pm to 7.00pm

United Square   Every Thursday
14 September to 12 October
5.00pm to 7.00pm

Seletar Mall   Every Friday
15 September to 13 October
5.00pm to 7.00pm

Upper Primary Coding Programme



F O R   P R I M A R Y   4  TO  6  S T U D E N T S

Upper Primary Coding Programmes in Collaboration with Coding Lab


We understand that learning a new programming language without any knowledge or transitioning from Scratch to Python can be daunting to any child. With fun and engaging topics like children’s movies, we introduce coding with real-world context to our students.

For Primary 1 to Primary 3 students, please click here.




S102 Python 1

Set your teen apart by giving them a head start in the top 5 global programming language, Python! Python is a powerful language, widely used in companies such as Google and Amazon Web Services. Yet, it is the best place to start for younger learners who are new to programming because of its relative simplicity.

About the Programme

With a diverse range of real-world scenarios to challenge themselves with, students will see the relevance of coding in today’s digital space. Combine their Python knowledge with what they’ve learnt in school through our Mathematical challenges, and understand how coding concepts can be applied in our daily lives.

Course Outline

Introduction to Python
  • Install, setup and run Python
  • Basic Syntax and Variables
  • Numerical Data and Mathematics Operators
  • BMI Calculator
  • *Simultaneous Equation Solver Challenge

Booleans and Conditionals
  • Learn Booleans and Conditionals
  • If, If-then-else, if and elif
  • Logical operators and truth tables
  • *Quadratic Equation Solver Challenge

  • Learn While and For Loops
  • Nesting of Loops and Conditionals
  • *Prime Numbers Generator Challenge

  • Built-In Functions
  • Defining your own function
  • Modularising your code

Modules and Libraries
  • Math Module
  • Random Number Generator
  • *Game of Chance Challenge

Challenges and Hackathon
  • Various programming challenges



Programme Schedule


S102 Python 1

United Square   Monday to Friday
18 to 22 December
3:00pm to 5:00pm
Seletar Mall   Monday to Friday
18 to 22 December
10:00am to 12:00pm




Programme Details


 S102 Python 1 


5 x 2 hour lessons


Early Bird Discount (14 days before programme commences): $492.48

Regular Fee: $518.40

Class Format

Fully physical classes

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is your average class size? 

Classes for 13-18 years old age group have a 1:10 teacher to student ratio. We keep our classes small so that every student benefits from maximum personalised attention.


2. What do students need to bring to class? 

We provide all equipment for the classes. Students just need to bring stationery, water bottle and a jacket in case it gets cold.


3. Are there any pre-requisites for the coding classes? 

Yes, it differs for each program. Do check the pre-requisites carefully before signing up. 


4. What if a student has done a coding class previously? Can he or she still attend your coding class? 

For classes with pre-requisites, the student may need to complete a placement test as we will need to assess his or her foundation level as the curriculum offered by other avenues may be different. We want to ensure that every student who comes to our class benefits and learn. Hence, it is vital that your child is enrolled in the right course to provide them with the right level of challenge. Please write to us at if you have any questions.


5. I want to sign up but am unable to confirm the time slot as the school holiday schedule is not out. What should I do? 

We understand the challenges you face in planning for your child's holiday schedule. Go ahead and sign up to secure a place and drop us an email at We will try our best to accomodate requests to change time slots, subject to availability.