3 students engaging in class activities during an enrichment class at The Learning Lab

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Nursery 2 to Kindergarten 2

Build the right range of classroom skills and habits in an interactive environment. Be ready to explore interests, learn and prepare for formal schooling.

Child interacting with number flash cards during a tuition lesson at The Learning Lab

Lower Primary

Primary 1 to 3

Nurture a deep interest in learning new topics and concepts, while picking up the academic and personal skills to learn and communicate with confidence.

Upper Primary

Primary 4 to 6

Master essential topics and skills, and learn to manage formal assessments with positive learning attitudes and use exam techniques to solve problems effectively.


Secondary 1 to 4, ('O' Level, IP and IB)

Get the right support to tackle the Secondary school curriculum. Pick up the right skills for understanding concepts, analysing questions and crafting precise answers while building critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Junior College

Junior College 1 -2
IP Years 5 - 6

Make the best preparation for the 'A' Level examination and be exposed to relevant content whilst honing the right exam techniques to achieve 'A' level excellence.

Holiday Programmes

Nursery 2 - Junior College 2

Explore specific enrichment programmes or brush up on academic-based skills. 
Whatever your child's goals are, we're here to empower the journey.


Focused, short courses that help your child to work on specific areas. From GEP preparation to composition workshops, find the best fit for your child.

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What Can You Expect From Our Programmes?

Lesson Materials that Help Your Child Understand Our World


We take topics from the school syllabus and make them easy to understand for your child by using real world examples.

For example, if your child is learning about Volume, we use a simple infographic with images, colours and diagrams. We feature objects like soup cans or packet drinks to help them understand the volume of something as large as a shipping container.

It's lessons like these that will capture your child's imagination and make theoretical concepts easy to understand.



Activities & Practices that Help Your Child Continually Improve


Each week, we refresh the curriculum to include games, group work, discussions and questioning techniques to keep lessons upbeat and engaging. 

Whether it's about mastering a new topic or learning how to rise above any challenge in the subject, we believe that your child needs the right support to keep making progress and achieve new personal bests, every single time.



Parent and Student Stories

"At TLL, the topics were interesting every week and it motivates students to think and create more."


Vice President, DBS Singapore



"Harshit has been very happy in The Learning lab. What he liked most was that the content was very interesting. Usually, topics everywhere are very boring and a child loses interest in developing writing skills. 

At TLL, the topics were interesting every week and it motivates students to think and create more. Harshit's oral communication has also improved and he is more confident in oral exams now."


"Always eager to share with us what she has learnt during her lesson."


TLL Mum since 2015



"We enrolled my eldest daughter in The Learning Lab since K1 for both English and Mathematics. We have observed how she transformed from a quiet and reserved child into someone who is more confident and vocal. She looks forward to her weekly classes at TLL and is always eager to share with us what she has learnt during her lesson.

We love how the lesson materials are meticulously and relevantly crafted to expose and connect the students to the real world: learning fractions and percentage through World Cup and answering comprehension passage related to molecular gastronomy cuisine. All the real-life application lesson materials made learning more enticing and enjoyable for her."

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The fun manipulatives and interactive learning during her Maths lessons make difficult Maths concept easier to grasp. My daughter is able to apply the concept learnt in a new context and presents solution accurately with proper steps. We were overjoyed when she came in top in Mathematics in level this year.

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