The Learning Lab’s Teaching and Learning Model

Your child’s education matters. At The Learning Lab, we understand that your child learns best in ways that are unique to him or her.

A rich and meaningful learning journey begins with a motivated learner and as The Learning Lab inspires every student to love learning, we know that it starts from understanding what your child needs to succeed.

Effective learning for your child begins with a teaching and learning model that is well planned.

 It starts with your child at the centre of his or her learning journey with us , with his or her needs, goals and dreams, and it continues with a commitment to help your child achieve his or her best at every stage.

From the young pre-schooler taking his or her first steps in building basic literacy, numeracy and social skills, to the secondary school student struggling to understand complex concepts with clarity, it’s the right learning focus for each child at the right time.

That’s why we don’t leave your child’s development to chance.

At The Learning Lab, we take pride in getting your child ready for exams and for life. We balance a focus on learning and a focus on exams. And, we believe that success at the exams stems from deep learning. At each stage of your child’s academic journey, we’ve mapped out the factors for success: key learning goals, essential skills and the attitudes necessary to excel.

Knowledge, skills and dispositions, these are the 3 key elements that lead to success.

Knowledge — Your child will learn to strengthen and deepen subject knowledge relevant to his or her learning needs at each stage. This not only helps your child gain a love of the subject for life but also helps him or her meet the immediate school requirements.

Skills — Your child will learn a broad set of skills that are general and specific to each subject of study. With a strong focus on communicative and metacognitive skills, your child will learn how to communicate as well as to be aware about their thinking processes and learning.

Dispositions — Your child’s education must be about nurturing the whole person. With mindsets and values such as a growth mindset, conscientiousness, self-awareness, self-control and resilience, your child is well on his or her way to achieving academic success.

Cultivating learning attitudes that underpin growth and success benefit your child.

As your child begins to understand how to improve, how to set goals, learns what needs to be done to achieve them, he or she will develop an intrinsic motivation to learn, and to keep learning.

That’s what every parent wants to see in their child. That’s what The Learning Lab wants to inculcate in your child, too. When your child engages in learning that encourages reflection; when learning is purposeful and guided by goals  academic success is only the beginning.

There’s no limit to what a critical thinker, confident communicator and reflective problem-solver can achieve in life.

At The Learning Lab, your child will find the right knowledge, skills and attitudes to succeed in school and in life.

In all we do, we are committed to giving your child an educational experience that works for him or her, not only in the classroom but also through all the triumphs and challenges that life will bring. Imagine your child, happy to learn and eager to achieve —The Learning Lab can make this your reality.