The Learning Lab is Singapore’s leading tuition centre with a strong record in helping students score top grades of A and A* in the PSLE. We also excel in our work as an enrichment centre which helps your child develop the key knowledge, skills and dispositions that enable him or her to learn deeply and be prepared for the triumphs and challenges in school and in life.

At The Learning Lab, we believe in helping your child to learn deeply, allowing him or her will be able to academic excellence. This starts with cultivating the right attitude towards learning. Our classrooms are thoughtfully designed and our curriculum is carefully crafted to ensure that what your child learns is both relevant and engaging.

We give your child the lenses to look further than scoring an A* in their exams. Our materials often include elements of global trends and world affairs, allowing all our students to learn deeply about the people, places, events and phenomena around them. We believe that this helps your child to have a deeper understanding and appreciation for English, helping them to understand, retain and apply reading and writing skills better. In our classes, we want your child to experience magical learning moments that inspire them to excel in the exams and in life.


Our Success Story

In the 2016 PSLE, more than 50% of The Learning Lab students attained a T-score of 250 and above. 9 out of every 10 of our students scored an A or A* in their English, Chinese, Math and Science exams.

Between 2010 and 2015, 1,805 of our students in our tuition centres notched top scores in the PSLE. Attaining 280s, 270s and 260s guaranteed them entry into the finest and most prestigious schools in the country. And these results keep getting better. Last year, 94% of our students attained an A or A* for English and Chinese, and 91% of our students attained an A or A* for Maths and Science.

Similarly, we have an unrivalled track record in the placement of our students in the Gifted Education Programme(GEP) and the admission to the best Integrated Programmes at RI, RGS, HCI, NYGH, ACS(I), NUS, VJC, NJC and SOTA. Our students are also regularly being accepted at prestigious universities such as NUS, NTU, SMU, Harvard, Stanford, MIT, Oxford and Cambridge.

Above all, we want your child to feel empowered at the centre of his or her learning journey, continually seeking and acquiring knowledge — happy to learn, ready to excel.

Even as we celebrate the academic achievements of our students, we take greater pride in nurturing the love of learning in all our students.

Our students graduate from TLL as confident individuals who, armed with the right knowledge, skills and disposition, are equipped to seek success on any path they choose to pursue.

This is how we do it.

Relevant Curriculum That Meets Your Child’s Learning Needs

Our curriculum is designed based on the Ministry of Education (MOE)’s syllabus and exam needs.

Developed by a team of over 50 curriculum specialists, our curriculum is based on extensive research Knowing that your child is learning what is relevant assures you that we are the best tuition centre in Singapore for your child’s English learning needs.

Our curriculum incorporates elements of global affairs and current trends in topics such as technology, medical science, the environment and the business world. The goal? To provide your child with contextual knowledge that helps him or her to link what they learn in class with the world around them.
The reason is simple — we must captivate your child’s attention so that he or she might better understand and respond to the events of the day.


Wealth Of Resources To Meet Every Child’s Needs In Class

From foundational practice worksheets to advanced and critical-thinking questions, we provide an extensive pool of materials at our tuition centres to address your child’s learning needs. The Learning Lab produces notes and key concept guides to prepare our students for the examination in addition to termly practice papers which feature commonly tested exam questions.

In Math lessons, we teach your child the most effective and efficient methods to tackle word problems and problem sums.

In Science lessons, your child is armed with tools to identify the important and relevant keywords needed to tackle free response questions (FRQs).

In English and Chinese lessons, your child is taught to structure and plan his or her compositions and essays. With regular writing practices throughout the term, your child will have ample opportunity to fine-tune his or her writing techniques and language precision. Additionally, your child will be exposed to examples of good writing and model essays, and is taught to analyse such examples for writing techniques.

The Learning Lab tuition centres also have libraries that house a collection of over 77,000 books. Our libraries are safe havens in which your child is able to expand their reading knowledge. We believe that reading is a wonderful way to learn new vocabulary as well as to develop an appreciation for language, culture and the power of stories.


Inspiring Mentors — Your Child’s Tuition Teachers

At the heart of our tuition centres, our bright, nurturing and passionate teachers bring lessons to life. Their main focus is to help your child attain his or her academic goals.

Our teachers maintain a tripartite relationship with their students and parents — constantly communicating with parents and tracking every student’s learning progress.

By observing your child’s learning style and habits, our teachers are able to offer additional help to further develop your child’s learning abilities. They are academic coaches and role models who impart important life values through inspiring lessons. Our teachers are glad to be a major source of motivation and inspiration for the young minds they aim to educate and the young lives they teach to enrich.


Going Beyond Tuition To Prepare Your Child For The Future

Beyond achieving academic goals, we want your child to be ready to take on triumphs and challenges in life.

Lessons at our tuition centres include fundamental personal enrichment and critical analytical skills that help your child apply what has been learnt in class to the world around him or her.

From presentation and oral skills in our language programmes, to class discussions on current scientific discoveries and future career prospects in our Math and Science tuition classes, your child will be given opportunities to discover and explore his or her interests in the various subjects.

Additionally, our range of holiday programmes and special workshops provide multiple platforms on which your child can refine academic strengths or pursue passions beyond key academic subjects. We believe in empowering your child to create, explore and achieve.

Let us help your child reach his or her fullest potential today.