Awareness of language is key in this year as your child takes his or her first steps in learning the English language. At Nursery 2, we focus on building learning readiness in our students. Find out more.

In class, students are given an introduction to the alphabet, writing strokes, and will learn how to differentiate between upper case and lower case letters. Students also learn about logical sequencing of events with the aid of pictures.

Students develop pre-reading skills, with a focus in class on:
• sound units
• beginning letter sounds
• two-letter word families
• sight words

Comprehension, Listening and Speaking
Students build on their comprehension, listening and speaking skills in class through:
• verbal discussions of pictures
• articulation of responses to direct and opinion-based questions
• interactive storytelling sessions

Students build on their vocabulary foundation with a weekly thematic vocabulary based on parts of speech such as nouns and adjectives.

Contextualised Learning
Students engage in a series of interactive activities, games and craft designed to hone their motor skills and aid them in their social and emotional development. Students are also exposed to a wide range of themes that centre around them and their interaction with the world. Key topics of interest include:
• places of interest
• etiquette
• hobbies and activities

Nursery 2 Math program focuses on nurturing your child’s love of learning. Your child will explore and relate to math relationships in daily experiences through a series of hands-on activities and craft work.

Content Mastery
• Students will be introduced to numbers, learning to identify numbers and correspondence.
• Students will build a strong foundation in Math vocabulary, learning words such as Fractions, Money, Measurements, Geometry and Data Analysis, on top of Whole Numbers.

Skills and Techniques
• Students will hone their penmanship through number mastery activities.
• Students will be taught to identify and distinguish instructional words.
• Students will learn to add and subtract through pictorial aids and craft work.

Applied Learning
• Students will understand new concepts and explore numbers through activities that involve the use of manipulatives.
• Students will be exposed to craft work, videos, role-playing activities, math storybooks to generate interest and curiosity in the subject.
• Students will be able to recognise simple math relationships in daily experiences.

We regularly conduct fun and enriching holiday programs for students of all ages. Find out more!