Learning from the safety of home need not be daunting and can be fun with the right resources.

Lessen the pressures and celebrate the joys of learning at home with these activities and guides that will not only tickle your child's imagination but also nurture their love for learning.






TLL #StayHome Calendar

Each day is a new chapter and we have curated a planner to aid you in setting your very own home-based learning schedule.






TLL #StayHome Calendar

Each day is a new chapter and we have curated a planner to aid you in setting your very own home-based learning schedule.


W E E K    O N E


Day 01

Ready, Set, Go!

Here’s a printable checklist of what
you can anticipate about home-based learning. You can also read more on ways to create a conducive learning space at home.

Day 03

Plan and Implement

Create a daily schedule for the month to serve more as a guideline than a fixed timetable so that you can have the flexibility to balance working and supervising your child.

Day 05

Learning Together

Whether you’ve home-schooled your child before or home-based learning is a completely new occurrence, allow yourself to adjust and adapt.

Day 07

Take a Walk on the Park Side

Have some fresh air and take a brief walk around your neighbourhood. Be sure to check the National Parks’ portal for information on visitorship and take the necessary precautions.





W E E K    T W O


W E E K    T W O


Day 08

Inspire Independence


Your child’s learning journey continues at home. Encourage independent learning so that you can better balance working and managing your child's learning
from home.


Day 10

Netflix and Child


Screen time is inevitable, however with moderation and monitoring, you and your child can work and learn effectively together. Here are some movies that you and your child can both enjoy.


Day 12

It's Alive!


Having revised the theories and themes in your child’s Science curriculum, bring them to live with these fun experiments that allow your child to better grasp academic concepts.


Day 14

Show and Tell


Your child’s mission today is to create and present to you a showcase of what he or she has learnt in the past week. This guide will help your child pick up confidence for public speaking.





W E E K    T H R E E


W E E K    T H R E E 


Day 15

Gain Knowledge and Fun


Ease yourself into your newly crafted #StayHome schedule with this educational Math quiz that is challenging and a great way for your child to revise their lessons with.


Day 17

Getting to Know Your Child


Every child learns differently. Find out how you can discern whether your child is an introvert or extrovert and bring out the best in your child by adapting learning styles. 


Day 19

Home is a Fun House 


Try these joy-filled activities which combine everyday routines with specific scientific knowledge and be pleasantly surprised at how fun learning at home can be.


Day 21

An Excursion at Home


Bring the outdoors indoors with these wonderous activities and find out how joyful it can be to go camping and more from the comforts of home. 





W E E K   F O U R    -    C O M I NG    S O O N


W E E K   F O U R


Day 22

Happy and Healthy


Begin the week with a positive outlook so that you and your child can power through a new week of working and learning from home with gusto. Take this chance to revisit your #StayHome schedule.


Day 24

In Tune and Harmony


Flex your child's creative muscles and make musical instruments from everyday objects you can find at home and hold a special concert for tunes and play to chase away the blues of the day.


Day 28

Strengthen Familial Bonds


Multisensory play is an effective way for your child to grasp academic concepts. Take a break from your work and bond with your child through these activities that encourage vivid imagination and develop motor skills.


Day 30

#StayHome Adventures


You and your child have created wonderful memories in the past month. Record them for posterity while simultaneously practicing English skills and the art of journaling with this guide.








We are committed to helping you navigate your child's home-learning journey.


How do I juggle between working and managing my child's learning?

Balancing work and family is hardly easy, however it can be simplified by:

  • Managing your time with adaptable planning to align your work and your child's home-based learning schedules. 
  • Requesting for flexible work hours that allows you to better work from and supervise your child's learning at home. 
  • Using our collection of fun learning activities and guides to put together your very own balanced #StayHome schedule.

What can I do to limit my child's screen time and encourage more study time?

Screen time is unavoidable, but can be moderated by:
  • Mixing home-based learning with hands-on experiments and real-life experiences for a more holistic developmental journey. 
  • Taking regular breaks. Include visits to your nearest national park for some fresh air or look up some home workouts to help you and your child relieve stress and stay fit. 
  • Embracing a hybrid of virtual and physical learning to allow your child some rest from screen time.

How can I help my child's learning journey online and from home?

Create a conducive learning space for your child at home by:
  • Designating a functional, comfortable and quiet environment for your child's academic lessons. 
  • Allowing your child to learn from mistakes. Upon spotting your child having difficulties, encourage them to ask questions through the online lesson, or separately with the teacher. 
  • Including regular check-ins into your schedule. Plan this for after the class so that your child would have had the chance to contemplate on the lessons.

Will my child be able to keep up with their academics at

Every child's learning capability is different. Help your child adapt by:
  • Allowing yourself and your child time to acclimate to home-based learning. 
  • Knowing that despite its initial challenges, you and your child can overcome them. 
  • Having regular and timely communications with your child and their teachers. 
  • Taking this chance to challenge your child to think independently with paced and increased levels of responsibility.





Hear It From Our Students


"Emojis are fun and I enjoy interacting with the teacher more!"

English, Primary 5
TLL Student 2001-2003

"I get to see Mommy and Daddy more."



English, Primary 5
TLL Student 2001-2003

"I like online learning because I can type my questions out now."

English, Primary 5
TLL Student 2001-2003







Hear It From Our Parents


"I was apprehensive at first but fortunately, TLL.360, has been quite easy to navigate and my sons quickly got used to having their web conference lessons. In addition, I get the chance to learn more about what they actually go through during their classes, and am able to better monitor their learning progress in real time!"

Zoe Tay
Mum of 3 TLL kids, P5, S1 & S2


⁣"Learning is different now and Aly has had to adapt. Without face-to-face interaction, the kids have to really focus on listening what the teachers are saying. Sometimes she gets a little frustrated because she can’t speak up when the teacher or another classmate is talking but she has learned to be patient and use the time to get her questions in order."


Jamie Yeo
Mum of Aly, P4 Maths student


"My son is taking English tuition at TLL with Mr Daniel Lim. Although his lessons are now online because of the COVID-19 crisis, my son still enjoyed his lessons very much. Mr Daniel has a dynamic approach to teaching and he is very motivated. He is not only a great tutor, he has a great commitment towards his students and is always well prepared."

Mr Lim
Dad of P6 English Student





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