Help Your Child Prepare for the SA2 Exams

Sharpen Your Child’s Revision Plans

In the lead-up to the final year assessments, it is crucial for your child to review key concepts and answering techniques in each subject.

Encourage your child to also look through past assignments for common mistakes and the corresponding corrections for each mistake.

This will help your child to avoid making the same errors in the SA2 exams, especially if a similar question or concept were to be tested.

Download The Learning Lab’s Revision Guides

Our curriculum teams have put together a set of revision guides to help your child with exam preparation.

These subject-specific guides include:

  • Common pitfalls in each subject
  • TLL's top tips for answer precision
  • Topic-specific and component-specific examples for each subject

Get your child ready for the SA2 — fill in the form to download our revision guides.