2,683 A/A*s Achieved at the PSLE 2020.


With the right guidance and resources, your child can achieve his or her desired grades too. We have a systematic and structured plan that takes into consideration your child’s individual learning needs and helps him or her to build up a steady momentum in order to excel at the PSLE.





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Our Blueprint for PSLE Success

With the right guidance and resources, your child can achieve his or her desired grades too. We have a structured plan that is designed to prioritise your child’s individual learning needs and guide him or her along the optimal path towards achieving success at the PSLE.




Our Blueprint for PSLE Success

 1 out of 3 TLL students achieved a 
 PSLE score of 6 or better in 2021.

With the right guidance and resources, your child can achieve his or her desired grades too. We have a structured plan that is designed to prioritise your child’s individual learning needs and guide him or her along the optimal path towards achieving success at the PSLE.





1. Lay a Strong Foundation

 Our Programmes


Our upper primary programmes are designed to prepare your child to take on the PSLE effectively. You child will learn to:

  • consolidate knowledge and apply exam-centric skills
  • execute key examination strategies and techniques such as question analysis and answering techniques
  • gain critical practice through mock papers

Subjects We Offer

English: Receive guidance to become an exceptional writer and avoid common pitfalls in Composition, Comprehension and Cloze Passages.

Maths: Learn and get ample practice through component-based lessons and tailored activities.

Science: Be guided on the key strategies to understand and explain scientific concepts within observational settings.




2. Get the Right Tools

 PSLE Preparation Programme


Our Primary 6 curriculum includes a PSLE Preparation Programme (PPP), specially developed to enhance your child’s PSLE preparations.

As part of this programme, your child will attend two 3.5-hour sessions per subject between May and June that will:

  • help your child to set goals and develop effective revision plans
  • familiarise your child with common PSLE questions and pitfalls
  • affirm positive mindsets in your child to effectively manage stress and anxiety








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Exclusive Promotion: 

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3. Learn and Revise from Anywhere



Take learning online with TLL.360, where your child can access notes, practices and quizzes developed by our team of curriculum specialists to complement his or her learning and revision.

*TLL.360 is only available for existing TLL students. To find out more about TLL.360 and other benefits TLL students enjoy, enquire now.

Learn More

Online materials on TLL.360 will provide:

  • revision for key topics, skills and techniques
  • additional practice on PSLE components
  • insights on key areas to work on throughout the year




4. Level Up Your Skills

 Optional Programmes


Provide your child with additional opportunities to strengthen and refine his or her PSLE skills.

Intensive Revision Series

An intensive revision programme that maximises your child’s school breaks to provide extra assistance and revise past lessons. Your child will learn to:

  • hone and master answering techniques
  • identify and manage question types
  • avoid common mistakes
Open to all students.
Primary 6 Power Boost

A 12-week programme exclusively for Primary 6 TLL students, designed to help your child:

  • revise Primary 3 to 5 topics tested at the PSLE
  • refine key exam knowledge and skills
  • review common areas of weakness
Limited slots are available for existing TLL students for the core subject(s) they are currently enrolled in only.
More details coming soon.









1 out of 3 TLL students achieved a PSLE score of 6 or better.

Over our 20-year history, our students have had a remarkable achievement of attaining an average of 2,600 A* or As every year. We are proud to celebrate the successes of our 2021 graduating cohort of Primary 6 students who have achieved tremendous results despite the unprecedented challenges they have had to overcome.






Explore Our Upper Primary Programmes

Primary 4

Your child needs to have a strong foundation across the different subjects to make good progress and eventually have a smoother transition into Primary 5.

Our programmes focus on refining component-based skills and critical thinking processes to help your child effectively apply knowledge to each question or exercise he or she tackles.

Primary 4 English
• Solidify writing skills through frequent continuous writing practices based on the PSLE question format
• Intensive revision practices to reinforce grammar and synthesis and transformation concepts
• Sharpen reading comprehension skills in question analysis, clue sourcing and inference through detailed comprehension workshops

Primary 4 Mathematics
• Introduction to new topics such as Decimals and Symmetry
• Enhance problem-solving skills by learning new heuristics such as advanced model drawing, branching and unitary method
• Sharpen exam skills such as error analysis and time management through practice 

Primary 4 Science
• Learning through the use of virtual experiments, and experiment videos to illustrate scientific concepts in new topics such as Matter, Light and Heat
• Sharpen answering techniques with a focus on tackling experiment- and data-based Free Response Questions (FRQs)
• Strengthen knowledge in topics such as Diversity, Life cycles, Systems and Magnets

Primary 5

Your child’s transition into Primary 5 marks the beginning of his or her PSLE preparation.

Our programmes focus on identifying and filling foundational gaps and giving your child a better idea of the PSLE questions and formats to expect.

Primary 5 English
• Refine critical thinking and comprehension skills through focused practices on question analysis
• Hone and master literary techniques such as flashbacks and characterisation
• Learn more complex grammar and synthesis and transformation rules through comprehensive revision practices

Primary 5 Mathematics
• Focus on new topics: Area of Triangles, Percentage, Volume, Ratio, Rates and Average
• Transit from model drawing to more advanced heuristics such as unitary method and forming equations
• Practise integrating the use of calculators to solve word problems in Paper 2
• Sharpen exam skills such as error analysis and time management through practice tests

Primary 5 Science
• Build content knowledge on new topics: Water and Changes of State, Reproduction, Cells and Electrical System
• Refine data analysis skills with focus on common experiment-based questions
• Hone and master answering techniques by tackling Free Response Questions (FRQs)

Primary 6

Your child has less than half a year until the PSLE. Begin bridging gaps in understanding and sharpening exam skills to help your child peak at this major exam.

Our programmes place a strong emphasis on evaluative learning — students and their parents will receive close feedback on academic progress and areas of improvement.

Primary 6 English
• Focus on executing key answering techniques in language precision and grammatical accuracy
• Strengthen metacognitive skills for reading comprehension and writing, including answer precision, error analysis and appropriate application of writing techniques
• Regular practice tests to hone exam skills such as effective time management and question analysis

Primary 6 Mathematics
• Introduction to new topics such as Algebra and Solid Figures
• Sharpen exam skills with a focus on speed and accuracy
• In-depth review of past-years topics such as Percentage, Average, Ratio and Fractions
• Hone and master answering techniques by tackling PSLE-style questions in revision handouts, concept maps and mock paper practices

Primary 6 Science
• Systematic review of Primary 3 to Primary 5 topics to strengthen content knowledge, in addition to a focus on new Primary 6 topics such as Forces and Adapting to the Environment
• Reinforce understanding and application of key scientific terminology for each question type or topic
• Use of comprehensive revision guides to highlight common pitfalls and relevant answering techniques for complex question types






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