Payment by GIRO

Switch to GIRO today for a hassle-free fee payment experience.

How do I sign-up? 

To sign up for payment by GIRO, please print out and complete the GIRO Authorisation Form and submit the original signed form to us via mail or at our front desks. 

Should you wish to cancel the GIRO Payment arrangement, please print out and complete the GIRO termination form and submit the form to us via the abovementioned channels. 


  • Please counter-sign any amendments made on the forms 
  • Strictly no correction-tape/fluid to be used on the forms



Terms & Conditions
  1. This promotion does not apply to households who are currently on the GIRO payment scheme and households who are on the Staff benefit schemes.

  2. The $20 rebate will be applied to each student's Term 2 - 4 2024 fees paid through GIRO deduction.
    i.  Term 1 – 2023 fees will be paid through non-GIRO mode. 

  3. Households must remain on the GIRO payment scheme to be eligible for rebates in Term 2, 3 and 4. The rebate will not be awarded for fees paid through non-GIRO modes. 

  4. This promotion is only valid until 14 November 2023. Strictly no extension will be given.

  5. All GIRO Authorisation forms must be submitted to The Learning Lab by 14 Nov 2023 and approved by Bank.

  6. The Learning Lab reserves all rights to make changes to any of their programmes and promotions, and may, at its discretion, amend timings, availability, venues, content and teachers according to programme priorities and client needs.

  7. The Learning Lab reserves all rights to make any amendments to the above Terms and Conditions without prior notice and will not be held liable for any damages that may incur from these amendments.