Last Chance: Enrol before July 31 to enjoy exclusive lesson & registration fee waivers. Enquire Now.
Last Chance: Enrol before July 31 to enjoy exclusive lesson & registration fee waivers. Enquire Now.



Transcend Boundaries in the Wondrous World of Science



Our comprehensive Science programmes aim to provide explanations by offering students an exciting yet in-depth learning experience into the varied field of natural sciences.

Growing edible mushrooms, building verdant terrariums, dissecting frogs, concocting chemical solutions and engineering periscopes — these are just a few of the engaging activities that your child can look forward to in our experiential Science classes.











The Right Chemistry to Succeed at Science

Whether your child is grappling with the basics of science in primary school or delving into the specifics of biology, chemistry or physics in secondary school, we have all your child’s bases covered with our inventive approach to science that goes beyond the basic school curriculum.

Our lessons interweave the fun side of science, which include demonstrations, experiments and games, with the technical side of science, which include the application of vital academic skills such as using scientific keywords, analysing questions and developing answers through inference.





Your Child’s Scientific Solution

Find out more about how our various science programmes help your child appreciate the relevance of science in the real world and
how our targeted curriculum is devised to help your child succeed at their year-end exams.


Primary 3 – Primary 6

Our Primary Science programmes develop students’ scientific knowledge and interest in the subject through exciting hands-on experiments.







Secondary 1 – Secondary 4

Our Secondary Science programmes include a plethora of experiments, to inspire students to pursue science at a higher level for biology, chemistry and physics.








Exploring a TLL Programme for Your Child?

Bolster your child's learning with strong support for the different subjects. 

Exclusively for our TLL households, enrol your child in a new subject today to enjoy:

  • A waiver of 1 lesson fee in your child's Term 2 – 2021 fees

  • A waiver of 1 lesson fee in your child's Term 3 – 2021 fees

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Enrol your child today to enjoy:

  • A waiver of 1 lesson fee in your child's Term 3 – 2023 fees
  • A waiver of 2 lesson fee in your child's Term 4 – 2023 fees

For enrolments in our P6 programmes (that run on a shorter term period for Term 3 and 4), you can look forward to enjoying:

  • A waiver of 1 lesson fee in your child's Term 3 – 2023 fees
  • A waiver of 1 lesson fee in your child's Term 4 – 2023 fees

*Terms and conditions apply





We teach students how to brainstorm and let their creativity run free to come up with simple but brilliant ideas that are tied closely to the question's theme.



Be in the Element for Science in 2021

Our Term 1 – 2021 Science classes aim to help students answer questions independently, by guiding them in refining answering skills and techniques to tackle tricky Free-Response Questions.

These are the 2 options we now offer to cater to your preferences while still maintaining the same high quality education:

  • Hybrid Class Arrangement — Students are organised into 2 groups, alternating between physical lessons and online lessons on a weekly basis.
  • New in 2021: TLL Online — Our newest range of fully online programmes available for Primary 3 to Seconday 4 students starting from Term 1 – 2021.

Solving Puzzles With Science

Interactive exercises that bring scientific theories and phenomena to life can help your child visualise, understand, recall and even enjoy complex concepts.

From exploring the ingredients in bubble tea to building electrical circuits, your child will get to perform delightful experiments and fun activities that complement the topics taught in class.  



TLL Students Dissect Our Science Lessons

Take a sneak peek into how our lessons empower students to gain a deeper knowledge of complex scientific topics and concepts through demonstrations, experiments, games and mind maps.





Lesson Formats


Lesson Formats



Lesson Formats



Regular Classes

Robust safe management measures have been put in place at all our centres, so that we can create the safest learning environment possible.


Fully Online Classes

TLL Online is our range of programmes available for Primary 3 to Secondary 4 students. Unlike our regular classes which are held at the centres, the TLL Online classes are conducted fully online.

These classes are part of our core programme offerings, and will follow the same curriculum as our regular classes.

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Hear from TLL's Parents & Students



I have always heard raving reviews about The Learning Lab, but I was only truly convinced after enrolling my daughter, Jessica, for its programmes. 

She is given very comprehensive Science notes weekly, which effectively condense difficult topics and illustrate critical concepts. Experiments conducted in class help to stimulate Jessica’s curiosity and interest in learning too! 

With a strong foundation in place, she has consistently been scoring above 90 marks for Science. I am also impressed by the commitment of Jessica’s teachers at TLL, who show genuine concern for her by contacting me regularly to update on her progress.

Ms Ong, Parent of P4 student





What sets The Learning Lab apart from the rest is none other than the content and unique programmes delivered. My teachers saw me through the stressful PSLE year and was a pivotal factor in helping me achieve an A* and A for Math and Science respectively. 

The hands-on experiments we did during our Science lessons, for example the construction of circuit boards and periscopes, allowed me to understand complex concepts from a refreshing perspective. Gradually, I began looking forward to The Learning Lab lessons as they became the highlight of my week. 

Spending an entire decade at this established institution, I can’t help but recommend it to anyone who’s overwhelmed by the sheer number of choices of tuition programmes these days.

James, TLL Alumnus (A decade with TLL)









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