The Learning Lab at Tampines

Whether it’s enrichment or academic tuition – as parents, you seek for the best learning opportunities for your child because you believe that they have the potential to achieve so much more.

At The Learning Lab, learning extends beyond four walls and a whiteboard for your child. With 15 years of unrivalled track record in delivering results, our core belief remains consistent – to first nurture the love of learning in all our students.

When your child becomes passionate about learning a particular subject, coming to class becomes more enjoyable and this forms a stepping stone to achieve academic excellence.

It’s more than just scoring A* in an exam.

Investing in quality education sets the stage for a lifetime of magical learning moments.

From seeing your child’s face light up with understanding to witnessing their pride in achieving a desired grade in a subject – these are the magical learning moments that your child revel in when he or she is with us.

Our Centres

Tampines Mall

Tampines Mall

Opened on Saturday, 26th November 2016, Tampines Mall is The Learning Lab’s newest centre. Adding on to our existing centre at Tampines Point, our Tampines Mall centre will provide an improved learning environment and experience for your child.

Conveniently located in the heart of Tampines, our centre will be more accessible and have more class options to cater to the increasing demand for tuition and enrichment programmes in the Eastern region of Singapore. Tampines Mall, one of Singapore’s leading suburban malls, is just three-minute walk away from Tampines MRT and offers a varied mix of shopping, dining and entertainment for you and your family.

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Tampines Point

Tampines Point

Opened in 2014, The Learning Lab at Tampines Point is easily accessible as it is a four-minute walk away from Tampines MRT station. There is also a convenient drop-off point at the lobby. Tampines Point is surrounded by complementary amenities, such as a variety of dining options at Tampines Mall, Century Square and Tampines One. Within this facility, we have a specially curated library with more than 77,000 books to choose from so there is something for everyone, from the reluctant to the voracious reader.


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Our classrooms at both centresare named after renowned universities and topcities inthe world like Harvard, Stanford and Yale, as we hope to inspire our students to dream big and be globally aware.

We aim to create a second home for our students here at our facility, where they can feel at home and yet be constantly learning.To help achieve this, we have created five different thematic zones: Reflect, Reinvigorate, Rekindle, Recharge, Research.


These are a series of message boards that feature our track record since 2001, case studies of iconic figures of the world and words of inspiration. Situated along the corridor of our classrooms, they are a reflection of what we hope our students will aspire towards.


Also known as our music zone, we have stations featuring playlists by famous music icons. These artistes are role models in their own right, and serve as a reminder for our students to go beyond academics and pursue their passions.


Our students are growing up in the digital age, where they find and retrieve information directly from their handheld smart devices. At The Learning Lab, we recognise the importance of being a part of this technological age and have provided charging stations for students to recharge their devices. We also provide devices for students to borrow to research for information to prepare for classes.


We also have an ideal study area with roomy tables and chairs. We want to create a conducive environment for our students to come together to study, discuss and share ideas, and of course, form valuable relationships beyond the classroom.


We have a specially curated library with over 77,000 books for our English and Chinese students to borrow and to nurture their love for reading. With a diverse range of genres and titles for different age groups, our teachers recommend good reads weekly to encourage our students to enhance their knowledge through reading. At our Tampines Point facility, there are self-service kiosks for students to borrow books whenever they like.


Our Programmes

Preschool (N2 to K2)

Preschool (N2 to K2)

We offer English, Chinese and Math classes for children aged 4 to 6 years old. Our preschool curriculum is focused on building a solid foundation for your pre-schooler. We place heavy emphasis on teaching functional skill sets that build on their cognitive and language abilities. This sets them on course for the exponential learning curve in the following years.

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Primary (P1 to P6)

Primary (P1 to P6)

We offer English, Chinese, Math and Science classes for Primary 1 to Primary 6 levels. Our curriculum closely follows the Ministry of Education (MOE) syllabus, incorporating both Mainstream and GEP elements to adequately prepare all students for school and national exams.

Whilst traditional tuition simply equips students with skills to meet the academic rigors of primary school, The Learning Lab goes one step further by instilling the academic vigour and, more importantly, nurturing the love of learning in our students.

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Secondary (S1 to S4)

Secondary (S1 to S4)

At the Secondary level, our enrichment programme focuses on the development of abstract thinking and critical reasoning skills, as well as creativity.

Our secondary school curriculum is specially designed to expose students to the best features of the various Integrated Programmes as well as the latest developments in the ‘O’ Level syllabus. As IP and ‘O’ Level students have different exam and curriculum needs, we differentiate our curriculum accordingly to meet the needs of each and every student.

We offer classes in English, Math, and the Sciences for Secondary 1 to Secondary 4 levels.

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Junior College (JC1 to JC2)

Junior College (JC1 to JC2)

At the Junior College level, we aim to push students to excel in the ‘A’ Level examinations through the development of key exam skills and solid grounding in content knowledge.

For General Paper (GP), we place emphasis on developing competencies related to critical reasoning and the expression of ideas, which will enhance students’ ability to put forward their points and opinions concisely, creatively and persuasively.

For H2 Math, we prepare our students for challenging math concepts by focusing on the development of critical reasoning skills and providing advanced materials and exam technique notes.

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NTUC Income Tampines Point Level 3
2 Tampines Central 6
Singapore 529483
Tampines Mall Level 5
4 Tampines Central 5
Singapore 529510

Opening Hours

Mon to Fri: 1pm to 9pm
Sat: 9am to 6pm
Sun: 11am to 6pm

How To Get Here

Tampines Point

By Bus : Nearest Bus Stop

Bus 67, 20, 2N, 3, 10, 23, 31, 34, 39, 65, 292 and 293
Walking 1 mins from bus stop B76059

By Train: Nearest MRT Station – Tampines Station, Exit C (0.3km, 4 mins walking)

By Car: From PIE, take exit 4B. Continue to Tampines Avenue 5. Turn right to Tampines Avenue 4. Slight left at Tampines Central 1. Turn left to Tampines Central 6. Turn right into NTUC Income Tampines Point carpark.

Tampines Mall

By Bus: Nearest Bus Stop

Bus 3, 15, 21, 27, 168 and 553
Walking 2 mins from bus stop B76139

By Train: Nearest MRT Station – Tampines Station, Exit C (0.3km, 4 mins walking)


(+65) 6733 8711
9am to 7pm daily


Stories from TLL Tampines

“I started English and Science classes at TLL in Tampines Point at the beginning of 2016.I find the classes very interesting and fun and I enjoy them very much. The class size is just right, so every one of the students gets sufficient attention.The teachers are also kind and interesting and, personally, I think that the learning environment is nice, especially the library, which encourages students to read. I always look forward to my classes each week and have noticed that my grades in school have improved, especially my vocabulary.”

Nicole Zhang, Primary 4, enrolled in English and Science at Tampines

“The Learning Lab is a tuition center with a good reputation. After enrolling my child to TLL for a year or so, there have been no regrets. She is always eager to attend her classes. Even when feeling under the weather, she still wishes to go! She shares with me that she especially appreciates the encouraging and patient attitude of the teachers, unlike those from other tuition lessons. Owing to the engaging case-studies now and then, she is able to relate to me on the current affairs happening. Thanks to her Math lessons, her grades have improved so much! That was a miracle. I am assured that TLL does whatever it takes to give my child the best she can get.”

Ms Marianne Xie, Primary 6 child enrolled in English, Math and Science at Tampines

“TLL prepared my child very well for mainstream academics. They provided very good guidance and advice for their students to help them with their school assignments. In addition, TLL consistently thought of ways to broaden their students’ horizons. Their worksheets were well-planned and teach the academics required while simultaneously building their knowledge in areas they do not cover in school. The teachers in TLL were also very nurturing and encouraging. They also helped my child develop in other aspects such as leadership and presentation skills. This was truly a holistic education tutelage I wanted for my child.”

Ms Lim, Manager Central Provident Fund, P2 child enrolled in English and Math at Tampines