Primary 1 and 2 are key years to build and boost a child’s confidence and foundational knowledge in any subject. Our Primary 1 and 2 tuition programmes for English, Chinese, Math and Science employ a fine balance of fun activities and serious work:

  • An enriching learning experience that includes visual presentations, in-class competitions and proprietary educational games to stimulate student engagement.
  • Focus on fostering a passion for learning using tools from fun illustrations to hands-on learning exploration in every lesson, drawing constant parallels between learning in the classroom to the living, breathing world beyond.
  • An emphasis on building a strong foundational understanding of knowledge & skills that sets the path for accelerated learning in the years to come.
Tuition and Enrichment Programs for Primary 1 and Primary 2 School Students



Tuition and Enrichment Programs for Primary 3 & Primary 4 School Students

Primary 3 & 4 years are critical developmental years. Unlike the traditional tutorial approach.Our tuition centre accelerates the learning curve of our students in English, Chinese, Math and Science through:

  • Balancing the delivery of fundamental academic knowledge with engaging classroom activities.
  • Equipping students with crucial academic skills, as well as 21st century skills including critical reasoning, higher order logical thinking and creativity.
  • Exposing students to the features of the Gifted Education Programme.



Preparation for the key national PSLE examinations starts now. Our primary school tuition programmes have a track record of consistently delivering Singapore’s top students, year after year. This is achieved through:

  • The infusion of fun and engaging elements alongside intensive revision, contrary to most traditional tuition programmes.
  • Thorough coverage of every component of the PSLE.
  • Mastery of key concepts and techniques.

Our students love coming to our tuition centres because the lessons relate the topics they are learning about in school, to life beyond the classroom. This allows more room to discover new perspectives, and even develop new interests!

As such, we take pride in ensuring that our tuition centre for primary school students provides many platforms for self-discovery and personal enrichment.

Let us help your child reach his fullest potential today.

PSLE Tuition and Enrichement Programs for Primary 5 & Primary 6 School Students


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