The programme will focus on covering content in terms of developments in key domains of global interest. The seamless blending of content mastery and skills development throughout the programme, with a strong focus on exam skills makes our JC2 GP programme effective for your child.

Content and Language Mastery
Students continue to strengthen their content knowledge and familiarity with the A level examination components and their assessment requirements. These include:
• composition
• comprehension
• summary
• application question

Through comprehensive content packs and texts, our programme covers a wide range of general knowledge topics and current affairs to help students build their content knowledge. These topics include:
• globalisation and social issues
• politics
• the media
• arts and philosophy

Skills and Techniques
Teachers will focus on helping students to hone their analytical and writing skills. Students will learn how to:
• organise their arguments in a coherent and logical manner, providing relevant examples to substantiate their arguments
• critically evaluate information and lines of reasoning presented in written texts
• analyse and identify different composition and comprehension question types and use appropriate answering strategies to fulfil question requirements

Revision and Reinforcement
To help students prepare for the A level examinations, teachers will work closely with students to help them:
• master time management skills through practice tests in simulated exam conditions
• review key exam strategies such as question analysis and essay structures
• review errors and refine answering techniques
• recap key content points for various topics tested in the General Paper examination and learn to apply content knowledge with accuracy and relevance

In the second year of the 2-year programme, emphasis is placed on strengthening the foundation in pure mathematics and building a strong foundation in statistics. In the second half of the year, preparation for the A Level Examinations will begin and the programme refines key application skills needed for the examinations.

Content Mastery
• Students will focus on the statistical component, including topics such as Discrete Random Variable, Distributions of Random Variable, Sampling, Hypothesis Testing, Correlation and Regression.
• Students will be taught the concepts and theories behind many statistical topics to promote a deeper understanding for the topics.

Skill and Techniques
• Students will be exposed to statistics related functions that are available on the GC to help evaluate answers easily.
• Students will be taught how to create lists and plot data points with relevant regression line.
• Students will learn to identify statistics topics required for each question and integrate knowledge from different topics to clearly present answer.
• Tutorials involving real-world problems will be introduced to students to train them to integrate knowledge of multiple concepts to solve questions.

Revision and Reinforcement
• Students will focus on content mastery for all the topics through topical revision packages that include questions that test foundational knowledge and examination questions.
• Through practice tests, students will also learn examination skills such as time management and error analysis.

We regularly conduct fun and enriching holiday programs for students of all ages. If you would like to keep updated on our upcoming holiday programs, please get in touch!