Your child will be introduced to the major components and requirements of GP. Emphasis will be placed on developing competencies related to critical reasoning and expression of ideas, to enhance students’ ability to put forward ideas and opinions concisely, creatively and persuasively.

Content and Language Mastery
Students will be introduced to the requirements of the components of the General Paper, including:
• composition
• comprehension
• summary
• application question

Through comprehensive content packs and texts, our programme covers a wide range of general knowledge topics and current affairs to help students build their content knowledge. These topics include:
• technology and science
• the environment
• education

Skills and Techniques
Students will hone their critical reasoning and writing skills to aid them in their expression of ideas. They will learn how to:
• write a coherent and balanced discussion in their responses such that they display an adequate depth of thought and analysis
• apply their general knowledge and use facts and figures to support their arguments
• analyse and identify different composition and comprehension question types and use appropriate answering strategies to fulfil question requirements

The Learning Lab’s J1 H2 Mathematics programme helps your child to manage and adjust to the intensity of pre-tertiary level mathematics. The programme covers relevant topics and equips your child with the ability to map knowledge of different topics in order to excel in examination conditions. Focus will also be placed on new trend questions involving application of knowledge to real -world issues.

Content Mastery
• Students will focus on relevant pure mathematics topics, including functions, sequences, graphs and calculus.
• Students will be introduced to two new topics (not taught at the O levels): 3D Vectors (Lines and Planes) and Complex Numbers.
• Students will learn to apply the content learnt to solve examination questions.

Skill and Techniques
• Students will master the use of the Graphic Calculator(GC) to solve questions, check answers and plot relevant graphs relating to the pure math content.
• Students will also learn the use of different applications (PlySmlt2 & Conics) in the GC to solve the questions.
• Students will learn to identify topics required for each question and integrate knowledge from different topics to clearly present answer.
• Students will hone their exam-based skills such as time management and logical checking of answers.

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