The Learning Lab’s primary school English programme builds on the thirst for knowledge cultivated in preschool to build a strong foundation in English components like comprehension, composition and cloze passages for primary school. Our English programme develops students’ writing, reading, speaking and listening skills, enhancing their overall language appreciation and mastery.

Master Primary Examination Components

With an unrivalled track record over the past 16 years, The Learning Lab prepares students well to tackle the exams. Our curriculum is developed with a strong understanding of the MOE syllabus and covers major examination components for primary school.

Using a structured approach, our nurturing teachers equip our students with the skills to excel in critical examination components. Our curriculum reinforces essential examination techniques such as sentence construction skills, passage and question analysis, clue-sourcing, writing techniques and answer precision. Students also hone their knowledge of grammar rules and oral communication skills through activities like topical practices and individual presentations respectively.

A Comprehensive Approach To Students’ Writing, Speaking, Reading And Listening Skills

Our teachers employ interactive approaches to each lesson, incorporating visual media and in-class discussions of case studies on global figures and current affairs issues. This develops students’ critical thinking skills and an interest in current affairs. Teachers also introduce excerpts from some of the best works from children’s literature to encourage a love for reading. As part of on-going revision throughout each term, teachers follow up closely with each child’s English Journal — a simple notebook where students pen down key grammar rules and new vocabulary.

The Learning Lab’s curriculum is also specially developed to expose students to some of the best features of the Gifted Education Programme (GEP) and the mainstream curriculum. Ample focus is placed on the development of critical reasoning skills as well as creativity through writing and reading exercises. Through case studies of current affairs as well as exposure to the best works from celebrated authors in our comprehension and cloze passages, students benefit from thought-provoking lessons that will enable them to think beyond the confines of the classroom.

These are just some of the steps we take to help our students take to prepare for the exams and for life.

Learning Outcomes Of Our Primary English Programme

1. Develop writing and inferential skills to tackle school examination components

2. A strong foundation in the composition and comprehension components through thorough exposure to different text formats and answering techniques

3. Develop reading and higher-order critical thinking skills to form opinions and communicate confidently

4. An intrinsic interest and curiosity towards current affairs and key global issues

These Key Components Will Be Covered With Students Through The Year

Structured grammar and sentence construction modules to reinforce key grammar rules and concepts

Comprehension practices focusing on question analysis and clue-sourcing techniques

Cloze passage practices to help students reinforce clue-sourcing techniques and build up their repertoire of vocabulary

Composition and creative writing exercises to help students explore their creativity and hone their plot planning and writing techniques.

Key vocabulary phrases are introduced in word banks that students will receive with every composition practice.

Oral practices with personalised feedback before the mid-year and year-end examinations

Mock practice test papers every term to help students learn examination strategies and review key concepts and techniques

Media studies to reinforce comprehension and critical thinking skills through a visual medium

Core Programmes And Holiday Workshops In Our Primary English Curriculum

1. Primary English Core Programme – Primary 1 English to Primary 6 English
2. English Intensive Revision Workshop – Primary 2 English to Primary 6 English
3. GEP Intensive Preparation Class – Primary 2 English to Primary 3 English
4. English Composition Excellence Workshop – Primary 2 English to Primary 6 English