The Learning Lab’s Kindergarten 2 (K2) programme primes our preschoolers for academic excellence and prepares them for a smooth transition into primary school. Our curriculum is carefully designed to develop a basic knowledge in each subject, with an emphasis on key skills needed for Primary 1.

At The Learning Lab, we believe in first nurturing the love of learning. Through the range of topics covered in our preschool tuition and enrichment programme, we develop our students’ awareness of the world around them. When our students are able to form a connection between the content learnt in the classroom and their daily experiences, they will naturally develop a joy and excitement for learning.

Priming Your Child For Primary School

At the K2 level, we aim to build up foundational and functional skill sets that will set your child on the right course for the steep learning curve in formal education. While we aim for excellence when formal assessment begins in primary school, we also want to nurture your child’s love of learning from the very start.

Learning Outcomes Of Our K2 Programmes

The TLL Kindergarten programmes include current affairs, games and activities to make lessons more enjoyable and relatable to your child’s experiences, knowledge and skills. At the end of K2, our preschoolers graduate as confident students, ready for the leap into Primary 1.

At A Glance – The K2 Tuition and Enrichment Programme


The English programme aims to instill a love for learning, reading, and writing. Students enjoy weekly storytelling sessions and visits to our exclusive TLL Library as part of a structured reading programme, resulting in above-average reading proficiency by the time they enter Primary 1.

A key component of our curriculum is the incorporation of current affairs and real-world topics to stimulate their curiosity about the world around them.

Students will get to hone their composition writing skills through regular practices, and are closely guided in constructing sentences of varying complexity. Speaking and listening skills are also built on with the introduction of individual presentations into the curriculum.

To give your child a headstart in Primary 1, our K1 and K2 curricula cover comprehension, cloze passage, grammar and vocabulary – key components that students will face in primary school.


The Math programme focuses on developing a love for the subject and mastering number sense. Games, manipulatives and the interactive whiteboard are frequently employed to reinforce the concepts learnt. In addition to the hard skills we teach our students, we instill the idea that math is fun and part of everyday life.

At the kindergarten levels, heavy emphasis is placed on the 4 key operations. Our K2 graduates will have a solid foundation in addition and subtraction by the time they enter Primary 1 and would have been introduced to multiplication and division as well.

With an extensive library of tiered worksheets covering primary school topics, as well as our very own Junior Mathematician series of structured exercises, our students are challenged, but also still able to progress at their own pace.


The Chinese programme focuses on nurturing a natural affinity for the language in our students. We give students the tools, opportunities and motivation that they need to be confident in communicating in Mandarin.

At the kindergarten levels, we go beyond building vocabulary and students are guided to construct more complex sentences, first verbally, then in writing. Through the use of real-life scenarios and role-playing in the classroom, we equip students with the Chinese language skills they can apply in their daily interactions, thus bringing the subject to life for them.