At The Learning Lab, we believe education begins with nurturing the love of learning.

Our Kindergarten 1 (K1) programmes were developed to build a strong foundation early on in your child’s life.

As children have an innate curiosity and desire to learn about the world around them, our Kindergarten 1 (K1) programmes were developed to channel their energy towards learning in a fun and creative way while building their cognitive and language abilities.

A Classroom Infused With Play

For our preschoolers, we infuse elements of play and games into the curriculum to make preschool tuition more enriching, fun and enjoyable.

At the K1 level, we aim to build foundational and functional skill sets that will set your child on the right course for formal testing in primary school. Through our English, Math and Chinese lessons, we develop our students’ awareness of the world through a range of topics such as Technology, World Cities and Animals to captivate their young minds and expand their horizons.

Learning Outcomes Of Our K1 Programmes

With our passionate and engaging teachers bringing each lesson to life, your child can look forward to hands-on activities and fun components that will make academics seem like play. At the end of the programme, your child will have a clear understanding of concepts and possess the necessary skills in the various subjects.

At A Glance – The K1 Tuition and Enrichment Programme


With a focus on strengthening students’ reading and writing skills, our K1 English programme focuses on building a strong foundation in sight words and phonemic awareness for our students.

Current topics and an introduction to authors and books are weaved into lessons to develop their creativity, articulate their opinions and hone their reading and writing abilities.

A structured reading programme is also put in place to increase reading proficiency – visits to the TLL Library further encourage good reading habits and weekly interactive storytelling sessions nurture a love for books.


Our K1 Math programme aims to develop our students’ knowledge and understanding of foundational Math concepts through active learning and problem-solving.

At the K1 level, your child will also be taught speed math strategies to enhance his or her mental calculation skills. In addition, we also offer your child a progressive series of Junior Mathematician At Work booklets to help him or her practise the 4 operations – Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication And Division.


The K1 Chinese Programme is designed to help your child grasp important concepts and practise linguistic skills in preparation for primary school. Our thematic worksheets, together with interactive games, songs and craft, are introduced at this level to develop his or her written and spoken Chinese proficiency from a young age.

Our preschool teachers also engage in storytelling and dialogue with your child that allow him or her to learn and practise essential phrases in a fun and engaging environment.