TLL Presents

3 June 2022

The Learning Lab and LingoAce Collaborate to Bring Singapore Math to U.S. Students


We are excited to announce that we have partnered with LingoAce, a global EdTech company, to pilot a new and exciting online mathematics enrichment programme.

Named MathDiscovery, the programme caters to students in the United States aged 7 to 10 and will take in its first students in July 2022. It brings together TLL's strong expertise in teaching, content, and curriculum development, and LingoAce’s proven success with language learners and its innovative education technology. 

The pilot programme will cover two key elements of the Singapore math curriculum, across two six-week courses. Firstly,
MathDiscovery: Singapore Model Method will introduce American students to the Singapore Model Method, an acclaimed problem-solving approach which helps learners to visualise math problems and solve them using pictorial representation. Secondly, MathDiscovery: Explore with Numbers will teach students concepts for Whole Numbers and Fractions using the Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract approach, as well as multiple strategies to solve problems.  

Together with LingoAce, we aim to expand MathDiscovery to other age groups and countries upon the successful completion of this pilot launch.