Unlocking the
Lower Secondary Levels

The lower secondary levels are the formative years of a teenager’s academic life.

It is a key stage of basic education, in transition between primary and upper secondary.

The first two years of secondary education are the best chance to master basic skills and to get students primed for success for the O-Level, or the IP or IB equivalent and higher education.

Discover how Secondary 1 and 2 students can build a solid foundation for academic success.










"Secondary 1 and 2 are the honeymoon years."

Many students have the misconception that they can afford to be more carefree and laid-back during Secondary 1 and 2, and catch up on their studies in Secondary 3 and 4.

This mistaken belief is a cause for concern as students may most likely end up falling behind in upper secondary, when learning will be shifted into high gear in preparation for the O-Level, or for IP and IB students, in the ramp-up for Junior College.









Sec Life:
The Honeymoon Period


Through all the good and bad moments weathered, these 3 secondary teachers draw from their past learning experiences and current teaching observations to elevate the lower secondary education journey for every student.

Sec Life:
The Honeymoon Period

Take a walk down memory lane with 3 of TLL's secondary teachers as they reminisce their own secondary school days.

Through all the good and bad moments weathered, they draw from their past learning experiences and current teaching observations to elevate the lower secondary education journey for every student.





Our Action Steps
for Staying One Step Ahead




Nurturing Student Ownership of Learning Progress

We create a culture of assessment, self-assessment and feedback for improvement to allow students to understand their learning profiles and to become self-regulating within an optimal framework of improvement.



Exploring Student Needs in Specific Subjects

Our teachers ensure alignment of teaching modules and academic support by assessing individual student needs as they move through the secondary syllabi organised around a more subject-oriented learning mode.



Exam Preparation with O-Level Trends

Our programmes will facilitate a smooth and effective transition into upper secondary by enhancing advice and curricular alignment, introducing advanced concepts across a broad range of topics and providing exposure to a multitude of question types and current exam trends that vary in complexities.





Excel in the
O-Level with
Our Programmes


Dive Deeper into Our Comprehensive Programmes


Our English programmes use structured, skills-based lessons to help students master the various examinable components. We ensure a progression of literary skills and techniques, expose students to more complex types of text and writing styles, and develop critical-thinking skills in order for them to craft answers of greater depth for both writing and oral communication.




Our English programme places a strong emphasis on delivering thought-provoking lessons to help students become strong writers, communicators and critical thinkers with a global outlook that will propel them towards excelling in composition and comprehension.



Specially developed to improve students’ academic performance in both Additional and Elementary Mathematics based on current exam trends, this programme focuses on cultivating a strong understanding of crucial mathematical concepts through deep learning and problem-solving.


Our Maths programmes are customised to align with students' school syllabus to ensure reinforcement of concepts and ample practice. In lessons, our teachers help students develop fundamental techniques to solve routine questions, apply complex concepts and hone critical reasoning skills for tackling non-routine problems that include real-world contexts.




Our Biology, Chemistry and Physics programmes will fully equip students with comprehensive scientific knowledge and skills. This will give them ample practice and know-how in applying deep insights on specific scientific inquiries and question types.


Our Science programmes will expose students to foundational questions to cement their concepts as well as challenging questions to develop higher-order thinking skills. In addition to that, students will be trained in question analysis, answering techniques and higher-order thinking skills in the disciplines of Biology, Chemistry and Physics.






Build a Strong Foundation in
Lower Secondary

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