Congratulations To The Class Of 2017

                Number Of A*/As Achieved At The 2017 PSLE:


9 Out Of 10 Of Our Students Achieved A*/As Across All Subjects

52% of students achieved a T-score of 250 and above

But, beyond results, all of our students are ready for what comes next.


Is Your Child Ready For The 2018 PSLE?

As your child inches closer to the 2018 PSLE in September, it is crucial to ensure that your child is on the right track in his or her preparations for this major exam.   

What Will My Child Be Learning In Term 2? 

With Term 1 coming to an end, revision for the PSLE will soon be in full swing. Knowing your child’s academic progress in school is going to be essential for effective revision in the lead-up to the PSLE.

Our curriculum in Term 2 is designed to strengthen the content knowledge and hone key answering techniques your child will need for PSLE excellence. Focused exercises, time trials and mock test papers will also help you identify areas that your child may need assistance with in each subject.

English • Strengthen grasp of grammar rules such as subject-verb agreement and use of active and passive voice
• Review essential exam strategies such as time  management, question analysis and answering techniques
• Revise key content and hone exam skills for SA1 with mock paper practice 
Maths • Revision of Primary 5 topics such as Volume and Rates
• Exposure to more challenging questions and more complicated word problems involving percentages, ratio and fractions
• Prepare for SA1 with two mock papers which cover topics under PSLE syllabus
Science • Complete the PSLE syllabus with an introduction to new topics such as Environmental Interactions and Adapting to the Environment
• Hone and refine exam skills such as effective time management with practice tests
• Facilitate revision with a set of worksheets for each topic, consisting of a revision quiz, a revision concept map and a topical test
Chinese • Learn key phrases to incorporate detailed actions, emotions and conversations into composition writing
• Focus on constructing complete and correcting sentences using the new vocabulary learnt
• Simulate PSLE exam conditions and hone essential exam skills with mock paper practice



Enhancing Your Child’s PSLE Revision With TLL.360

This year, we're making learning available online for your Primary 6 child via TLL.360.
TLL.360 is an online learning platform designed to include notes, practices and graded quizzes for your child.

These online learning materials complement classroom learning and provide Primary 6 students with more opportunities to revise materials, practise exam skills as well as think strategically about specific areas of learning which require reinforced revision or correction.

Hear From A Parent Just Like You

Watch this video as Ms Susan Foo and Shermaine Saw shares how our Primary 6 programmes helped Shermaine in her journey towards the PSLE.


Let Us Help Your Child Achieve His Or Her Desired Grades At The PSLE

Find out more about your child's PSLE Road Map and how we plan to help your child prepare for this major exam.


We have programmes for students across the preschoollower & upper primarysecondary and junior college levels.

Speak with us today to find out how we can help your child develop the knowledge, skills and dispositions needed to excel in the exams and in life. 

*The information we’ve provided is calculated based on the information from our students, which comprised about 80% of our student population (statistical confidence level of 99% with <1.5% interval).

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