Mainstream classes follow the O Level syllabus very closely and are meant to prepare students for the O Level examination.


Our IP classes have a bigger focus on higher order inference and crafting arguments. 

IP classes cater to students who go to schools with an Integrated Programme and who do not take the O Levels after four years. In general, IP students study for six years leading to either the A Levels or the International Baccalaureate (depending on the school).


Our English IP classes are catered to students who take the A Levels at the end of 6 years, not schools whose students take the IB at the end of 6 years (e.g. SJI, MGS, ACS etc). In general, we do not recommend that students from one stream attend a class meant for another stream due to the differences in curriculum and teaching focus.


Our IB classes cater to ACS Independent students in the IB stream ONLY. This is because the ACS(I) IB curriculum for Years 1-4 is very specialised and focuses heavily on literature. Other schools that follow the IB syllabus do not structure their curriculum the way that ACS does, and as such, the TLL IB programme is exclusively for ACS IB students only.