Many parents are on the lookout for both enrichment and tuition classes for their children these days. Finding that balance for your child to develop their interests and build a solid foundation to excel in the various subjects in school may sometimes be difficult.

At The Learning Lab (TLL), your child achieves both. We go beyond the norms of a regular tuition centre. In our enrichment classes, your child will be given the lenses to look further than just scoring an A* in the exams, but to develop the love of learning and a broadened perspective of global affairs and priceless life skills..

Tuition or enrichment does not have to be just another lesson your child needs to attend because children enjoy coming for our classes.


Enrichment instills the love of learning

Developed by a team of 50 curriculum specialists, extensive research is done to ensure our curriculum stays in tuned with any changes in the MOE syllabus and best educational practices.

Beyond being school and national-exam relevant, we weave in global affairs and current trends in topics such as technology, lifestyle and entertainment into our curriculum. The goal of our enrichment classes in Singapore is to provide our students with current, up-to-date materials on a weekly basis.

The reason is simple – we understand the importance of captivating the minds of our young ones at their developmental stage. As such, we aim to spark that curiosity and wonderment in them to learn more about the world he or she lives in.


Resources for success in class and beyond

From foundational practice worksheets to advanced and critical-thinking questions, we provide an extensive pool of materials to suit your child’s learning needs.

Our materials are brought to life by passionate teachers who want to communicate and engage in a partnership with you to help your child reach his full potential through our enrichment programmes.

Our teachers listen hard, with a lot of heart when a child needs additional help or challenge to stretch their learning abilities.

Our enrichment classrooms in Singapore are designed in a non-traditional, boardroom style to facilitate communication and the exchange of ideas among our students and teachers.

Students enrolled in our language programmes can look forward to presentation and oral skills practices twice a term. Even our students in our Math and Science enrichment programmes will be given the opportunity to present their goals or share their thoughts on key jobs in the scientific and mathematical fields as part of the Career Series components at the end of the year.

To emphasise the importance of personal enrichment skills, we constantly motivate our students to attain their personal best through setting out smart goals for both academia and personally. This is incorporated into our lessons.


Exploring the world and beyond: Future Leaders Programme

Current affairs being one the crucial parts of the enrichment classes makes a future-ready individual. So, we break it down into palatable, easy- to-understand content for our young students.

With colourful and informative infographics, fun in-class games interesting case studies on popular Olympic sports, the Brexit, the Zika Virus and the F1, our students are not only enthralled in class, but they also remain fascinated with the world around them.

Our primary students will even get to explore the frontiers of space in the Junior Space Camp, in partnership with Singapore Space and Technology Association. Students get to rub shoulders with NASA astronauts and scientists as they share their experiences beyond Earth, and have a taste of what it takes to be a NASA astronaut through hands-on STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) activities!

Our older students have the opportunity to be part of our exclusive personal enrichment and university application workshops. Conducted by the elite students of Harvard Student Agencies, these workshops cover the cornerstones of preparing students for university and for their careers ahead.

Stellar students will get a chance to be selected by their teachers to travel overseas to represent The Learning Lab at the annual Harvard Model Congress, a global conference where students learn and experience how global and international government systems work.


Our success story

Our success story goes beyond school for our students.

From achieving success as a corporate professional to giving back to society as a volunteer in a non-profit organization – our students graduate from TLL as a confident future-ready individual, armed with fundamental life skills, ready to take on any path they choose eventually.

We do however celebrate our students’ academic achievements too.

Between 2010 and 2015, 1,805 of our students at our enrichment classes in Singapore notched top scores in the PSLE. Attaining 280s, 270s and 260s guaranteed them entry into the finest and most prestigious schools in the country. And these results keep getting better. Last year, 94% of our students attained an A or A* for English and Chinese, and 91% of our students attained an A or A* for Maths and Science.

Similarly, we have an unrivalled track record in the placement of our students in the Gifted Education Programme (GEP) and the admission to the best Integrated Programmes at RI, RGS, HCI, NYGH, ACS(I), NUS, VJC, NJC and SOTA. Our students are also regularly being accepted at prestigious universities such as NUS, NTU, SMU, Harvard, Stanford, MIT, Oxford and Cambridge.