3 week countdown

  • Identify weak concepts for each topic, and focus your practice questions on these concepts
  • Keep a notebook to:
    • Record key concepts or formulae
    • Copy difficult questions and their model answers. Once you have studied the model answers, try to attempt the questions on your own

2 week countdown

Attempt practice and past PSLE papers, with the following tips in mind:

  • Time management
    • Look over the entire paper at the start so that you will be mentally prepared and will be able to manage your time properly
    • You should only spend 2 to 3 minutes on each question. If you are stuck on a particular question, move on to the next one first
    • Always answer the easiest questions first
    • Mark questions that you are stuck on with an asterisk. Once you have completed all the other questions, you can attempt these questions again
    • Always allocate time for checking, and to work on any questions that you may have missed
  • Underline important information
    • Underline key information that is relevant to the question you need to answer
      Method marks
    • You should attempt all calculations, as you may be awarded marks for your working
    • Do not leave any question blank
  • Add statements (label your steps)
    • Add short statements or labels to the steps to help you with your checking later
  • Be careful with your units
    • Remember to convert all measurements into one basic unit to avoid miscalculation

1 week countdown

  • Review all conceptual errors
  • Note common mistakes that you always make

1 day before the PSLE

  • Spend your time on consolidation and revision of important concepts
  • No more cramming!
  • Get a good night’s sleep to keep a clear mind for the exam day
  • Pack your bag – make sure you have your stationery and necessary identification documents in order