The Learning Lab partners with KidZania to help kids dream big and plan well

Singapore, 23 Apr 2014 – The Learning Lab (“TLL”) today announced its partnership with KidZania Singapore to develop a child centered university experience within the indoor theme park which is set to open in early 2015.

The world’s fastest growing family entertainment phenomenon, KidZania is an education and entertainment centre targeted at kids aged 4 to 14. It offers interactive learning experiences through a combination of role-play with real life, all set within a kid-sized city.

Modelled after great real-world universities like Oxford and Cambridge, The Learning Lab University will be the nurturing ground of a new generation of passionate, energetic and inspired learners. Kids can pick the professions they prefer: Cardiovascular surgeon, millionaire private equity investor, Supreme Court judge, an up-and-coming Michelin-starred chef. Even the evergreen favorite, ace police detective – the world’s indeed their oyster!

The University is envisioned as an experiential facility, where kids have fun while learning collaboratively in a technology-enabled learning environment. Designed to give kids a taste of life as undergraduate or graduate students, they ‘graduate’ with qualifications which allow them to earn more kidZos (the local currency at KidZania) and thrive in KidZanian society.

“We are honored to be selected as the only education industry partner at KidZania Singapore, joining the likes of Microsoft University and similar corporations at KidZania cities around the world. The Learning Lab has long employed role-play, simulations and case-studies as strategies to nurture future leaders. In this, we have found great affinity with the high quality activities that KidZania is known for. Just as we help our real-world students excel, dream big and become world-ready, the opportunity to do the same within the functioning economy of KidZania is tremendously exciting,” commented Mr Nigel Sim, Vice President at TLL.

The TLL themed establishment will be set in the heart of KidZania Singapore. Meticulously designed, the programs aim to be accessible, stimulating and inspiring.

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