“Like most parents, we send our daughter for some form of enrichment, to keep her gainfully occupied. As working parents with no extended grandparents’ help, we had long accepted the compromise that selective enrichment classes would do more good than keeping her at home to vegetate in front of the TV. Holding the TLL materials in our hands, we could feel the tangible difference – the articles and worksheets were printed on premium quality paper. The printout, though in monochrome, were crisp clear accompanied by high-resolution photos. The formatting was done in clean, well-spaced layout. It looked more like a professional office document than a children’s worksheet but serious as it looked, our 7 year-old was very much enthused by the weekly tasks that were assigned by the TLL teacher.

We probed a little more about her class and she was all too glad to share her feedback of TLL. She likes the lessons because the contents were interesting, ‘different’ from what they learn in school (in her own words). For example, she was exposed to poetry based on ‘Great Authors, Great Books’ theme in the 1st two lessons.”

– Ms Angeline Sim, Life’s Tiny Miracles