3-week countdown

  • Identify weak concepts for each topic, and focus your practice questions on these concepts
  • Keep a notebook to record key concepts
  • Look out for questions with unfamiliar context – remember that even though the context may seem unfamiliar, you would have been taught the concepts before

2-week countdown

Attempt practice and past PSLE papers, with the following tips in mind:

  • Time management
    • Look over the entire paper at the start of so that you will be mentally prepared and will be able to manage your time properly
    • You should only spend 2 to 3 minutes on each question. If you are stuck on a particular question, move on to the next one first
    • Always answer the easiest questions first
    • Mark questions that you are stuck on with an asterisk. Once you have completed all the other questions, you can attempt these questions again.
    • Always allocate time for checking, and to work on any questions that you may have missed
  • Analyse and underline
    • Look for key terms and underline them
  • Critical thinking
    • Link question to theory – you should be able to understand how the examiner derived the question, identify which topic the question relates to, the concept within the topic, and which key terms stimulated the creation of the question
  • Inference
    • Infer key points required from the question
  • Delivery
    • Answers should be delivered in short, simple sentences, that are concise and to the point

1-week countdown

  • Narrow practice questions to 100 star-questions
  • Underline key terms to these questions
  • Analyse and understand tricks of these questions
  • Take note of common mistakes that you always make

1 day before the PSLE

  • Spend your time on consolidation and revision of important concepts
  • No more cramming!
  • Get a good night’s sleep to keep a clear mind for the exam day
  • Pack your bag – make sure you have your stationery and necessary identification documents in order