“The Learning Lab (TLL) created a new kind of private tuition back in 2001 after recognising that simply repeating facts is drastically boring for kids, and sometimes a waste of time and money for parents. Their approach aims to make sure the kids are always stimulated and involved by bringing the lessons of the real world into the classroom. Kids might learn about math ratios by role-playing as chefs and slicing pizzas, or by looking at Manchester United’s win/loss/draw record. In Science class they might think about electricity by discussing Elon Musk and his Tesla cars, and English or Chinese comprehension could be reinforced through reading about Jack Ma’s success story rather than a stock-standard textbook passage. TLL also pitches their lessons above that of the MOE level being taught in schools, so not only do kids learn in a way that prepares them for the real world, they do it ahead of the lessons they’ll take at school, making them much more prepared and confident for the classroom.

The results of TLL’s students really tell the story: last year, 94% of TLL kids attained A and A*s for English and Chinese, and 91% achieved the same for Maths and Science. TLL students are regularly accepted into Harvard, Stanford, Oxford and Cambridge, and the best schools in Singapore.”

– HoneyKids Asia