The Learning Lab Student Experience

Welcome to your learning journey.

Enter a warm and nurturing environment where you are free to:

Enjoy Your Learning

Adopt a new perspective to learning and find the joy in discovering new knowledge.

Go beyond the textbook to pique your interest in learning through games, interactive activities, videos and visually-engaging lesson materials that make the subject come alive.

Be excited by seeing how concepts are relevant to and deepen your knowledge of your environment.

Expand Your Boundaries

See what’s possible with the knowledge that you are learning.

Be aware of global and current affairs and broaden your perspectives, through lesson content and learning materials that are designed and regularly updated by a team of subject specialists. Be inspired as you discuss the works of inventors, sportsmen and sportswomen, entrepreneurs, political leaders and how they have created an impact in the world.

See how you too, can leave a positive footprint on our future if you pursue your goals and dreams.

Enable Your Success

Gain the knowledge, skills and dispositions needed for you to achieve success in the future.

Be empowered by nurturing teachers who recognise your potential and work with you to improve on your weaknesses. Goal setting exercises help you set your sights on your targets. Along your journey, your teacher will be a constant mentor, encouraging you to embrace and overcome challenges with a growth mindset. 

Develop a positive attitude towards learning that will prepare you for school and for life.

An environment that encourages you to go, and grow

Teachers as Mentors

In class, your teacher designs an environment that gives you the freedom to learn, be captivated and grow to love the subject.

Even before stepping into a classroom to teach, your teacher would have undergone a rigorous selection and training process that includes modules on mastering subject content, lesson delivery and building rapport with students. 

As a partner and facilitator in your learning journey, your teacher will be your coach, guiding you through your challenges and triumphs to bring out your best.

Courage to Question

Build an insatiable thirst for knowledge and the curiosity to question it.

Be equipped with the skills to think deeply about what you are learning and how you are learning. From lively debates and discussions on the latest events, to giving presentations that hone your public speaking skills, you will develop the ability to speak up, ask questions and express your opinions confidently and convincingly.

Learn to ask the questions that get everyone thinking and improving.

Empowered to Excel

The road to excellence begins when you set, own and achieve your goals.

At each stage of your journey, our curriculum team and teachers have identified key goals for your academic progress and help you take meaningful steps to achieve them. Chart your progress through the year in your learning journal. Learn to reflect on your learning and build the right habits that will enable you to make positive progress in reaching your goals.

Know that your greatest strength is not what you know; it’s your ability to reflect on past errors and to dream up new ways to success.


No matter what you decide to do in the future and which direction you choose to take, with your positive attitude towards learning, reflecting and seeking progress, you’re already a success.

Take the first step to paving your own road to success.